Northborough Porchfest FAQ

What is Porchfest?
Northborough Porchfest is a free, grassroots community music festival. Musicians play on front porches, in backyards, at local businesses and in other spots around town for community members to enjoy.
When is Porchfest?
Northborough Porchfest 2024 is scheduled for Saturday, June 22nd (rain date Sunday, June 23rd). Musicians perform at a designated time and location. Walk, jog, run or bike from venue to venue to hear the music of your choice.
Where does it take place?
In our very own community of Northborough from noon to 6:00pm. Generous hosts are sharing their porches/lawns, business space or green areas with neighbors and the community! Also note, hosts are generously paying the electric bill for these acts so we give a huge shout-out to their graciousness.
Who should come?
This is a family-friendly event featuring a wide variety of music. All are welcome from town and surrounding communities.
Do I need a ticket?
No, attending the event is completely free of charge. Check out one band or several, stay for 20 minutes or all afternoon!
Is there a map or a schedule?
An event map and schedule will be available on our Instagram and Facebook page a week before the festival. Check back to our website for the most up-to-date information, as new bands
& porches are joining each day. We will also be providing paper copies at the festival.
What about eating & drinking?
Pack a picnic! Feel free to bring your own food & beverages. If you need to pick up some snacks, please consider the local businesses throughout town! Just remember that each venue is someone’s yard, porch, business, or park, so please be sure that you are respectful by cleaning up.
What about beer & wine?
Porchfest does not have a contained festival area and will not be selling alcohol, food or drinks. When in public, you are subject to the usual laws regarding alcohol consumption.
Are dogs allowed?
Rules for dogs are the same as they would be at any other time on the street or sidewalk. Please be aware and respectful of any homeowners’ preferences while on their property.
Where do I park?
There is parking around town. However, we encourage walking and biking for those who are able – a great way to appreciate as much music as possible!
Will there be bathrooms?
No. Please note that porch hosts will not provide restrooms.
What do I need to bring?
You won’t need much of anything to stroll around town & enjoy the music. However, if you are planning on settling in for a particular performance, you might bring chairs, a blanket, or a picnic lunch.
Do the musicians get paid?
Organizers, performers and porch hosts are all graciously donating their time and talents. If you
would like to support a band, you are welcome to make a donation to them at the performance
or hire them for your next event!
Is there a rain plan?
The rain date is the following day (Sunday, June 23rd) from 12-6 pm
Who’s organizing this?
Northborough’s own fantastic team of energetic community volunteers as well as the Northborough Cultural Council. Ideas, suggestions or questions for our Team, you’re encouraged to email:
We forgot something, still got questions?
Email us at:

If you are a performer, here are some extra FAQ for you

Do I need to live in Northborough to perform?
Nope, all music lovers are welcome! We will match you to a porch or venue in town.
Who can perform?
Anyone who wants to! We’ll have local acts including: singer songwriters, solo artists and groups performing everything from Acoustic, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Folk, Jazz, Classicalor Country.
My band doesn’t have an appropriate porch to play on, can we still play?
Yes! We encourage people with porches but no bands and people with bands but no porch to sign up separately and we will play matchmaker!
What if my band already has a porch? ~Or ~ What if I want to perform on a specific porch/want a specific performer on my porch?
Awesome! Please tell your porch host to register on this website. Then, when you register your band, be sure to choose your intended porch. There will be a place on your signup form to indicate if you have any preferences for where you perform or who will perform on your
Do I need to send in footage to be considered to perform at Porchfest?
No! Everyone who signs up for Northborough Porchfest will have an opportunity to perform.
Can musicians sell CDs or other merch?
Absolutely!! We want to support local musicians!
Do the musicians get paid?
Organizers, performers and porch hosts are all graciously donating their time and talents. We’ll encourage the audience to support performers by making a donation at the performance, buying merch or taking their information to hire them for future events.
How loud can I play?
Performances could be acoustic or near acoustic, slightly amped or excessively amplified.
Thinking stripped down sound and equipment needs based on the venue location.
Should I bring my own equipment?
Absolutely! Organizers and porch owners will not provide equipment. If available, porch owners
will provide electrical outlets. You’ll need to talk logistics before the performance date, the
organizers will put you in touch.

Thinking about being a Porch/Yard/Venue/Site?
Here are some extra Q&A for you!

As a porch owner, what is suggested for me before, during, and after PorchFest?
Here’s the list:
🎶an outdoor area on your property that can accommodate musicians and guests. Porches are
great, but any outdoor space will do.
🎶After the match up, communicate with the performer to arrange for logistics.
🎶Help welcome the band upon arrival; be a gracious host to festival attendees
🎶Allow musicians access during their set-up, performance and breakdown times
🎶Ensure your porch (driveway, yard) has available space for a band, and is free of clutter that
could create a hazard
🎶Provide seating, if you have it, for attendees (lawn chairs, blankets, etc.) some may bring
their own
🎶Promote the event in the weeks leading up to June 22nd to family, coworkers, and friends
🎶Communicate with neighbors regarding the performance to boost attendance and to notify
them about the noise
🎶This is an all-ages event. Your help is appreciated in keeping the event viable and safe for
🎶Note that you must be home during the time that musicians are on your property.
How will I know who will be playing on my porch?
Once sign-ups are complete, we’ll let you know who will be performing on your porch, and connect you with them directly so logistics for the day can be worked out.
How long will the band be performing on my porch?
Performances are limited to 2 hours as a courtesy to neighbors and to allow many musicians to
Do I have to provide water, refreshments, food?
Water would be great on a hot day, but musicians will bring their own. Any other provisions are
up to you!
How will people know that my porch is hosting music?
We’ll be providing information on our website, including maps with a schedule. Also, we will drop
off a lawn sign for your yard the week of PorchFest. Please share on social media to help
promote the event as well!
Can I decorate? Can my kids set up a lemonade stand?
Absolutely! Anything you want to set up so your porch is a fun place to be, is wonderful! Please
remember to keep the sidewalks and bike areas clear!

Do you want to support the event?

I want to contribute financially as an individual or as an organizational sponsor, what should I do?
Send an email and we will send you our sponsorship package for 2024!
Can I advertise on Porchfest?
Porchfest is expensive so we please ask businesses to email: to support Porchfest.